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Our expertise

Research & Innovation

Information technology, and technologies in general, are an area in which innovation is essential to guarantee quality solutions. For this reason Blue Star Software reinvests 15% of its turnover in research, always guaranteeing professional employees who are up to date on future technologies with the capability of creating real added value for customers.

The innovation throughout Blue Star Software is also achieved through a continuous search for innovative ideas to be developed, embracing the modern philosophy of the Lean Startup, in order to satisfy the customer’s needs by reducing both time and cost to a minimum, and by reducing market risks.

With this aim Blue Star Software participates in competitions and summits on innovation, both nationally and internationally. They integrate the experiences gained in the field, and within their projects, with the aim of developing innovative solutions, taking advantage of the latest technological innovations, creating original products that are then often patented.

To bring expertise to the customer, Blue Star Software has dedicated a special figure, the CTIO – Chief Technology Innovation Officer, who is responsible for supporting companies in migrating systems to more advanced technology by optimizing their processes.